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Meet the team

Steve Rogers

Managing Director

Steve Rogers started the company in 1995 having previously graduated from London University and spending 6 years working for Pitney Bowes. His philosophy is that you want to inspire people and customers to want to work with you and treat them well enough that they want to stay with you. Outside of work he foolishly continues to play football and as a paid-up member of the Barmy Army has watched England play cricket round the world for the last 30 years.

Steve profile

Deanna Turner

Print Management Consultant

Deanna or ‘Dee’ originally joined straight from school as an office junior and knows the workings of every department inside out. In 2015 she moved into our printing team and is a fountain of all knowledge. Always bright and positive combined with an amazing energy; Deanna is the consummate professional and can be depended on for outstanding customer service. She is mother to 2 adorable daughters, goes to the gym most days and still somehow appears to find the time to go out most nights. Also carries the highly responsible title of office social secretary.

Deanna profile

Mark Hallam

Service Engineer

Mark is the friendly face of My Group Solutions and a absolute superstar. MTV (Mark ‘the van’) heads up our service team in the print division. Master of all trades Mark is involved in despatch, set up, networking, delivery, installation and follow ups before presumably he has a little lie down. Not keen on the theory that if he is too busy he should work faster. Outside of work has some curious hobbies- the ones he will tell us about include writing history books on the local area and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Kent Morris dancers (beer, beards, bells and dressing up).

Mark profile

Claire Smith

Print Consultant

Claire joined our print team in 2020 just before Covid struck so a very unusual start to her career. Originally in our customer experience team Claire then took maternity leave for her second daughter and came back in 2023 in our sales team. Super energetic she squeezes exercise in between her family and work commitments by getting up at 4.30 every morning. An ex-footballer, Claire is also an excellent singer having won a talent show with her rendition of S club 7’s hit ‘Reach for the sky’s’. Music’s loss is our gain..


Tim Pile


Every company should have a Tim – joined originally on work experience in 1998 and has done just about every job in the company. Now Operations Director he is in charge of most things including website, marketing, CRM, IT and overseeing both our service and wonderful customer experience teams. First in the office and last out at night he knows the answer to just about everything. Apparently, we are led to believe he goes home occasionally to his wife and two lovely children (who are hopefully scheduled to join the company around 2030!).


Marie Davenport


Marie Davenport originally joined us as maternity cover for Carly but loved us so much that she insisted on staying. Jack of all trades and master of them all Marie combines her accounts work with heading up our service, holidays, sickness, health and safety and most contentious of all heating monitor! She appears now to have moved onto recruitment having persuaded her daughter to join us. Outside of work Marie can usually be found either running or drinking wine and having entered the Bordeaux marathon is hoping to combine the two together.


Amber Davenport

Customer Experience

Daughter of Marie and part of our family and friends recruitment policy (it’s nothing to do with saving on agency fees!) who joined our customer experience team in September 2019 fresh from school. A marvellous edition Amber is incredibly conscientious and professional and adding new skills every day. She also takes huge pride in the office and when not cleaning it is harassing everyone else about their tidiness. Our mergers team are trying to persuade her to get together with Tom so if nothing else she can explain to him what a hoover is. Outside of work Amber can probably be found in the tanning salon or nail salon and is being earmarked for hair and make up for future nights out (and that’s just the boys).


Jaime-Lee Rolfe

Customer Experience

The life and soul of the office working in our Customer Experience department and heads up our order processing. As she likes to remind us without her there would be no customers! Dislikes people who spell her name wrong but other than that has a heart of gold and is naturally one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Still working on her fancy dress outfit for the office calypso party having decided it means that she has to dress as an ice cream.


Katie Payne

Executive Assistant to the Office Dogs 

Katie joined on a temporary contract initially to install our new ERP system (Wyatt) Katie has since proved to be an inspired acquisition in our fast-growing customer experience team. Loves nothing better than a really good process and procedure so keeps us all organised. Katie’s other role is Executive Assistant to Cece and Pablo. Pablo thinks she does a great job but Cece in her last review pointed out that a little bit more attention and a few more treats wouldn’t go amiss. Outside of work is at her happiest sleeping or drinking sparkly bubbles and is currently working on a way to do them both simultaneously.

Katie IMG 3662

Pippa Rowe


Pippa works in our accounts team so clearly a very good person to get on the right side of if we owe you money. Pippa is currently studying for her AAT exams as well as becoming an expert in Microsoft accounts. She is equally knowledgeable about the availability and duration of free car parking spaces around the office. Without a doubt her main hobby is Arsenal FC and as well as following them home and away is encyclopaedic in all things related to The Gunners.


George Ace

Service Engineer

‘Gorgeous’ George joined our service team in 23 and has proved to be an inspired addition with his extensive knowledge of all things  IT. Recommended by Mark (although they have refused to divulge where they first met), George is a bundle of energy and is permanently smiling. Was a child model including an advertising campaign as ‘The milky bar kid’ which perhaps explains his love of chocolate and dressing up.

George profile


Office Dog

The youngest and most enthusiastic member of the team. Pabs loves going to work, loves being at work, loves everyone and in fact thinks life is fantastic, However, he remains slightly perturbed that nobody else seems at all alarmed when the postman comes in and steals letters and packages from our office. Helps out with the office shredding as well when deprived of his chews.