Add-ons & Accessories

Additional features for our printers

In addition to printing, copying and scanning, our range of printers and multifunctional devices have a range of accessories designed to improve office efficiency. These add-ons and accessories can do everything from produce high quality booklets through to stapling, hole punching and extremely fast double sided scanning.

Saddle Stitch Finisher (booklet maker)

Did you know you can create your own high quality A4 and A5 booklets from within your office and using your own printer? These are incredibly popular with schools, churches and funeral services and are very easy to use.


If you are creating packs for meetings, students or any other application where you are manually sorting then stapling documents then a finisher (stapler) is ideal. Your printer can staple your documents in the top corner or down one side at the press of a button.

Hole Punch Unit

If you store documents in ring binders, or have other applications where you are manually hole punching documents then a hole punch unit is a big time saver for offices.

DSDF (fast document feeder for scanning)

For offices that do lots of scanning a DSDF is a must have! Most multifunctional devices include a document feeder to use when scanning and copying, but a DSDF can double the speed that you do this for double sided pages.

Paper trays

For business and offices that use different headed paper or different sized documents, having a paper tray dedicated to each paper type can really help. Selecting what tray you want to print from is easy and saves lots of time if you are frequently having to change paper types before printing.

Is there a printer that puts letters in envelopes?

We get asked this by businesses that send invoices, statements and other documents by post. While there is not an office printer that does this we can still help with a full print and mailing solution.

Desks and Stands

Our A3 printers come with their own desks and stands and often include a space to store spare toners and paper. Our A4 printers are generally desktop models, but we also offer a range of stands and desks if you want them floor standing.

Large Capacity Feeder

How often do you have to replace the paper in your printer? If you do lots of printing and you find yourself constantly replacing reams of paper then a Large Capacity Feeder that holds a whole box of paper is what you need.