Office Printer that can put paper in envelopes

Is there a printer that will also fold paper and stuff envelopes?

We often get asked this by businesses that print documents and then have to manually add these documents into envelopes. This isn’t a big deal if you only send a few of these, but for businesses that send hundreds of mail items it is extremely time consuming.

Unfortunately, no office printers can handle the job to fill envelopes with pages printed, but we can still help with a solution to save time if your job requires you to send high numbers of mailing items.

Office printer with envelopes

Printing onto envelopes

If you are looking for a printer that can print addresses onto envelopes, then several of our A3 Office Printers can have the option to add an envelope drawer. This drawer has a capacity of 50 envelopes, and means that you can print DL and C5 plain envelopes (100x162mm – 240x380mm) directly from your printer.

Do you print documents and then send them out by post?

If your business is generating invoices, statements and other documents using your office printer and then someone is manually folding these pages and inserting them into envelopes, we do have a time saving solution for you.

In addition to our print finishing options, including booklet making and stapling, we can also supply you with a range of letter folding machines for envelopes (also known as an envelope stuffing machine). A letter folding machine is a standalone unit and is a machine that processes a sheet or multiple sheets of paper then folds those pages and finally stuffs them into an envelope and seals it.

We have very successfully helped customers, from large organisations through to small businesses, automate their printing and mailing. This saved them lots of time, but we can also help with postage savings.

For more information on automating your printing and mailing, or to learn more about the available finishing options then please contact our friendly team.