About us


Helping you choose the right equipment

We want to help you find the right equipment so you can continue printing high-quality documents in the same quantities that you are used to, but in a sustainable way.

My Group Printing will help our customers to do everything possible to limit their business environmental footprint; with help from leading manufacturers, such as Ricoh and Toshiba, who are both committed to their own individual environmental strategies which include:

  • recycling (toners and equipment)
  • low energy consumption
  • manufacturing using environmentally responsible bioplastics
  • using techniques to reduce carbon emissions

Choosing an environmentally-friendly device will not impact the speed, performance or print quality, but as less energy is needed to run them, your own energy costs will be lower too.

Your local My Group Printing Consultant will be able to provide you with information regarding the equipments’ Total Electricity Consumption (TEC) values – which are the lowest in the market; Energy Star rating; the recycling of used toners, or collection and safe disposal of your old equipment.

Recycling toner and inks

Unfortunately only 15% of the 65 million printer inks and toners used each year are recycled. The others end up in landfill. At My Group Printing the recycling of toner cartridges is taken very seriously so toner can be either returned directly to us; we can arrange collection of your used toner; or supply you with an ECO box so used toner can be saved up and collected when ready.

Collection and environmentally-safe disposal of your old equipment

If required we can arrange collection and safe disposal of your old printer or photocopier to tie-in with delivery of your new device. Please speak with us for more information.