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Toshiba’s Cutting-edge Software Solutions for Modern Printing Needs

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, modern business require streamlined, secure, and efficient printing solutions. Toshiba, a global leader in print technology, offers a suite of software tailored to these needs:

e-BRIDGE Global Print is a SaaS cloud-based solution by Toshiba that enables seamless printing from anywhere to cloud-connected MFPs, integrating with platforms like Google Workspace™ and Microsoft365®. It prioritizes security, efficiency, and reduced IT overhead, making it ideal for businesses with remote or dispersed workforces. offers cloud-based print management, eliminating traditional print servers while boosting security and sustainability, suitable for businesses of any scale

e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (ECC) is a solution for comprehensive printer management, prioritizing security with ISO 27001 compliance, Microsoft Azure, and robust encryption, ensuring minimized downtimes and safeguarded data within EU data centres.

Together, these software solutions ensure that businesses, whether small-scale or large enterprises, enjoy seamless, secure, and efficient printing operations in conjunction with their Toshiba office printers.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Global Print

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Global Print is a state-of-the-art cloud-based printing solution tailored for the modern workforce. It offers the convenience and flexibility of printing from virtually anywhere, directly to cloud-connected Toshiba multi-functional printers.

e-Bridge Global Print can be used by all business types and large organisations such as schools and colleges. For business and office managers the primary features and benefits include:

Anywhere Printing: This software lets users send print jobs to their office printers from any location, and then release the printouts at their chosen device, offering a true ‘print from anywhere to anywhere’ concept.

Seamless Integration with Popular Platforms: Users can effortlessly sign in using their Google Workspace™ or Microsoft365® accounts.

Secure Release: To enhance security and confidentiality, print jobs can be conveniently and safely released using an access card, PIN, or fob. This not only ensures that sensitive documents aren’t left in the open but also helps in reducing waste from uncollected printouts.

Reduced IT Overhead: e-BRIDGE Global Print is cloud-based and is designed to reduce IT costs linked with managing print servers and related infrastructure.

Insights and Analytics: The software provides detailed printer usage logs, granting administrators insights into everyone’s printing. These print logs can be instrumental in generating reports to understand how the printers are being used and enhance user productivity.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Global Print is updating the way businesses approach printing, offering a blend of flexibility, security, and productivity to match the needs of their workforces.

With the evolution of the workplace, especially with the rise of remote working and traveling between offices, access to network printers has become challenging. Toshiba’s printer based solution addresses these pain points by ensuring that employees can queue up their print jobs from home and release them at work.


Toshiba’s was developed by Toshiba for use with their multifunctional printers.

This Cloud print management software modernises the way businesses handle their printing needs. It centralises control from the point of clicking to print, right up to the final finishing touches at the printer, all securely managed within the cloud. This eliminates the need for traditional print servers, resulting in cost savings and streamlined IT infrastructure.

Users benefit from the flexibility to print from any location using any internet-connected device to any app-enabled Toshiba MFP. The cloud-based server ensures secure document transfer, with options for end-to-end encryption and user authentication at Toshiba MFPs using ID cards, PINs, or usernames and passwords.

Toshiba’s has self-scaling capabilities, making it a suitable solution for both small businesses and large businesses and organisations. It not only improves security measures by keeping user, billing, and print data encrypted but also contributes to a company’s sustainability goals by reducing paper waste.

Additionally, with the evolving nature of work environments and the surge in remote working and distributed teams, the serverless design, which connects directly to the Toshiba Office Printer, offers flexibility and security in their printing activities.

Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, users can send their print jobs and retrieve them from their Toshiba MFP. This transition to cloud-based print management aligns with the increasing shift of businesses towards cloud solutions, leading to more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious operations.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (ECC)

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE CloudConnect (ECC) is an advanced cloud-based support service designed to provide comprehensive security and management for networked Toshiba multifunction printers (MFPs).

This software was developed by Toshiba for businesses and organisations that need to manage the printing of multiple users and multiple devices in one location or across several offices. e-BRIDGE CloudConnect improves the user experience when printing through a range of features including:

Remote Support: ECC employs a secure HTTPS/SSL connection to reliably gather operation data from your printers. Access to this data is held security, but easily accessible for authorised users.

Activity Monitoring and Management: Once connected, ECC allows detailed monitoring and recording of device activities plus remote Firmware updates. This feature aids in early fault detection to reduce errors and reduce downtime.

Security and Compliance: The e-BRIDGE CloudConnect system is housed within an ISO 27001-compliant data centre, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of information security management. It operates on Microsoft Azure, ensuring that European device data remains within EU data centres.

Operational Management: ECC aligns with the ISO 27001 standard, guaranteeing equipment operation and management that respects system security policies. The server authentication feature, backed by third-party certification, prevents server spoofing and secures data transmission.

SSL Encryption: ECC integrates server authentication to confirm the authenticity of the connection, with all data transfers encrypted to maintain confidentiality, preventing potential leaks or tampering.

For business and IT managers, Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE CloudConnect software can revolutionise how you manage your organisations printing. The secure, cloud-based approach makes it the ideal solution for modern-day printing needs and offers increased uptime, reduced workload, enhanced device performance.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Toshiba’s suite of cloud-centric solutions, presents an upgraded approach to printer management, tailored for modern businesses.

These software products not only simplify and centralise printing tasks, but they also prioritise security, sustainability, and flexibility, catering to both remote work environments and traditional office settings.

For business managers, these tools significantly reduce operational challenges, ensure data integrity, and optimize printer usage, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs. Understanding the full potential of these offerings is best achieved through a hands-on experience. That’s where the team at My Group Printing comes in…

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