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Leasing an office printer

With My Group Printing, the process to lease your office printer/photocopier is made simple

What’s a printer lease?

At My Group Printing we try to simplify the process for choosing and buying a new office printer or photocopier. On option very popular with our business customers is renting or leasing an office printer. This short Buyer’s Guide is written for business owners, office, IT and facilities managers that want some help choosing the right finance option.

In simple terms, printer leasing is a sensible way to have the latest office printer or photocopier without the upfront financial outlay. It’s all about spreading the cost over a time frame that suits your budget and your business, so you can enjoy the perks of a new machine today.

How printer leasing works?

Just think of it as a contract for your printer. Whether you want it for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, you choose how long you want to spread the cost. Monthly payments or quarterly (the industry standard), you get to choose. When the contract term ends, you can either stick with the office printer you have got, return it, or swap it for a newer printer.

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Why most businesses choose to lease a printer?

Many businesses choose to lease their printer, as they can pick a printer that might otherwise be out of their budget. Whilst this new printer would cost more to purchase, the improved features, speedier printing, and potentially a much lower cost of ownership can make it a much wiser decision.

In addition to leasing being kinder to your cash flow than buying outright, leasing an office printer comes with the bonus of tax-deductible payments. For accounts departments and for anyone budgeting, knowing exactly what you’re paying each month or quarter makes it a popular choice.

Flexibility is also an important factor when leasing a new office printer – Having an easy path to upgrade or downgrade your printer helps if your business requirements change.

Leasing a printer for small businesses

Whether you are small business needing a single device, all the way through to larger organisations needing multiple devices, leasing is still popular. All businesses whatever their size are subject to a credit check, and if you have not been trading for three years then you may have to answer some additional questions.

When you lease, the finance company holds the title of the equipment, but the printer is all yours to use. If you buy your office printer, you are the owner of the printer, but you would have to pay for this equipment upfront.

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How My Group Printing can help with leasing an office printer?

Firstly, it is important to find the office printer you want; you will likely select this based on speed, functionality (printing only or printing, copying and scanning) and features. Our friendly team can help you with this and can quickly create a comparison against your existing devices, or we can do a full print audit based on your existing contract.

Once we understand what you want, we’ll provide you with a clear and concise, no obligation, quotation that shows the options to purchase this office printer, or to lease the equipment. The cost of leasing an office printer will be shown based on the number of months you request, we can normally provide a detailed quotation within an hour if it is urgent.

Should you lease or buy your office printer?

Leasing an office printer is a wise choice for any company, big or small, because it offers financial flexibility and access to the latest office printing technology without a large upfront investment. By spreading the cost over an agreed period of time, businesses can manage their budgets more effectively, with the added benefit of tax-deductible payments. Additionally, leasing provides the option to upgrade to newer models, ensuring that companies always have the most up-to-date and cost affective printing equipment.

With My Group Printing, the process to lease your office printer/photocopier is made simple, our 25+ years’ experience and partnership with industry leaders determine the best equipment for your needs, a range of financing options from trusted partners, and a comprehensive managed print service to cover all support and maintenance needs.