Office Printer with built-in stapler

A stapling unit offers another time saving feature for print customers. Our equipment range includes a variety of stapling options, from corner stapling to booklet making using a Saddle Stitch Finisher. The options to add stapling functionality are simple too; you can choose either a higher capacity external finisher or an internal finisher which does not increase the footprint of the printer.

Some new A4 models, such as the Toshiba e-Studio 539CS, include a convenience stapler. This is very useful for small businesses that want the stapling functionality, but do not have the space for a larger A3 printer.

01 e STUDIO 509CS L

Why add a stapler when buying a new office printer

If you and your colleagues often produce any of the following documents, then an internal or external multi position stapler can really help:


Any reports that consist of multiple pages that need to be kept together in a specific order.

Presentations and Handouts

When presentations are printed out, either for reference during the presentation or as handouts for the audience

Contracts and Legal Documents

In legal settings, contracts and other legal documents often consist of multiple pages that must remain together.

Project Proposals

Often include several sections and appendices.

Educational Materials and Assignments

Teachers, tutors and administrators often print and staple study packs, assignments, and tests.

Brochures and Marketing Materials

Especially those with multiple pages, are often stapled for ease of reading and distribution.

Multi-position stapling feature

In all these cases, the multi-position stapling feature of an office printer simplifies the process, ensuring that the documents are neatly and securely fastened, enhancing both their appearance and practicality. This removes the manual task of sorting through printed documents and then manually stapling them.

For any offices that have had a stapling function on an older photocopier, but not used it because it was difficult, you will be pleased to know that new office printers have become much easier to use and to replace staples. We also offer training and support to ensure everyone is comfortable using the printer’s features.