Large Capacity Feeder

Increased capacity for high volume office printing

A Large Capacity Feeder (LCF) also known as a Large Capacity Tray (LCT) or a High Capacity Feeder (HCF) is an option for many of our high volume office printers. This optional unit connects to your printer and allows you to load 2,500 – 4,400 A4 sheets for uninterrupted printing.

The image on the right shows a Toshiba e-Studio 7516AC with an External Large Capacity Feeder. If you do not have the space some models can include a larger paper tray, so this doesn’t increase the footprint of the machine.

01 Toshiba eSTUDIO 7516AC

Why you need a Large Capacity Feeder

If your business relies on high volume printing then you should consider investing in a large-capacity paper feeder for several reasons. This optional extra for your business printer ensures uninterrupted printing, especially in offices that print constantly, eliminating the need for frequent paper replenishment and allowing employees to focus on more critical tasks.

Toshiba’s e-Studio 400AC has an optional Large Capacity Feeder that holds 2000 sheets of A4 paper. Unlike an External Large Capacity Feeder this does not increase the machine’s footprint so is ideal when lack of space is an issue.

High Capacity Feeders are designed to handle heavy print volumes, preventing disruptions from paper reloads and ensuring consistent document production. Moreover, they enhance time efficiency by significantly reducing downtime related to paper reloading, improving overall office productivity.

Additionally, for facilities managers or for anyone monitoring fleets of printers, a large-capacity feeder reduces the hassle of constantly monitoring paper levels, enabling users to set it and forget it for extended periods.

If you have any questions about what paper capacity options are available then please ask. We include all this information within our quotations for new printers, but our friendly team can also provide quotes to have additional capacity added to your existing office printer.

01 Toshiba e Studio 330AC 400AC