Toshiba e-Studio 330-400AC

Toshiba e-Studio 330-400AC

A4 office printer offering robust functionality with advanced printing, scanning and copying.

About this product

The Toshiba e-Studio 330-400AC A4 office printer is an exemplary choice for businesses that prioritise efficiency, quality, and security in their printing needs. Offering full functionality with print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities, it caters to a wide array of office demands. Notably, it delivers outstanding documents rapidly, at speeds of up to 40 pages per minute, ensuring swift task completion. The ease of use is a standout feature, with a simple 26cm colour touchscreen and a large, fully customizable user interface that boosts efficiency. Additionally, this printer supports cloud and mobile printing, offering flexibility and convenience in today’s increasingly digital and mobile work environment.

Security is a top priority for the e-Studio 330-400AC, making it ideal for handling sensitive documents. Its effective data security measures provide peace of mind. The printer’s ability to integrate flexibly with third-party solutions and applications further enhances its utility, making it adaptable to various business requirements. The dual scan document feeder is impressively efficient, delivering 116 images per minute, adding to the machine’s overall productivity.

Moreover, this model is designed with environmental protection in mind, aligning with modern eco-friendly business practices. Finally, its all-inclusive, low cost per page for mono printing makes the Toshiba e-Studio 330-400AC A4 office printer a cost-effective solution, ensuring that businesses can maintain high-quality printing without incurring excessive costs. This combination of speed, efficiency, customisability, and security makes the Toshiba e-Studio 330-400AC an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimise their printing processes.


  • Full functionality – Print, Scan, Copy and Fax
  • Delivers Outstanding Documents at a speed of up to 40ppm
  • Simple 26cm colour touchscreen makes it easy to use.
  • Large, fully customizable user interfaces enabling you to boost your efficiency
  • Support Cloud and mobile Printing
  • Effective Security – Data Security is a top priority.
  • Flexible integration with third-party solutions and applications.
  • Dual Scan Document Feeder, delivering 116 images per minute
  • Environmental protection.
  • All inclusive, low cost per page mono printing.

For additional details, images and product specifications download a pdf brochure for the Toshiba e-Studio 330 and Toshiba e-Studio 400AC.

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