Saddle Stitch Finisher

What is a Saddle Stitch Finisher?

A saddle stitch finisher is a clever piece of equipment that is installed with your office printer and turns it into a booklet-making machine. The reason why it is called a “saddle stitch” is because of the neat way it stitches/staples pages together along the spine of your documents, just like a magazine.

The image to the right shows a Toshiba A3 device with Saddle Stitch Finishing unit attached to the left-hand side of the printer. An A3 office printer with a Saddle Stitch Finisher can produce A4 and A5 booklets of up to 34 pages.

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Why use a Saddle Stitch Finisher?

Saddle Stitch finishers are very popular with schools, churches, tutors, funeral services and other businesses that want to present information or reports in a booklet format.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Professional Touch – When you want your brochures, reports, or marketing materials to look their best, a saddle stitch finisher delivers the goods. It gives your documents a polished, professional appearance, making a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.
  • In house control – Having a saddle stitch finisher means you can handle booklet production in-house. No need to send print jobs to external providers or wait for delivery. You create your document or combine pages from a PDF, select the booklet options and just click print.
  • For presentations – Your professionally finished booklets and brochures are sure to shine in business meetings, presentations, or marketing campaigns. They convey attention to detail and quality, reinforcing your brand’s credibility.
  • Time and Labour Savings – Imagine the time you can save by automating the process of creating booklets. No more folding and stapling by hand; a saddle stitch finisher does it all for you.
  • Versatility – Our Saddle Stitch Finishers often come with extra features, like collating, hole punching and folding, making them versatile tools for various finishing needs.

If you are an office manager or business owner looking to produce booklets in house or you want to find a professional way to present documents for your colleagues and clients, then combining a Saddle Stitch Finisher with your office printer is the answer.

We would love to show you personally what you could achieve, so would like to invite you to come and see us at our offices or at a local showroom. Come and see exactly how it works, check the quality for yourself and experience a live demonstration printing your own booklets.