Hole Punch Unit

What is a Hole Punch Unit?

A Hole Punch Unit is easy to explain, but many people are unaware that an office printer has the ability to punch either 2 or 4 holes in your documents ready for filing.

Most of our A3 floor standing office printers and photocopiers have the option to include either an internal or external Hole Punch Unit. This is often a cost-effective way of removing the need to manually hole punch documents by hand.

Close up Photo Of File Folder With Documents

How it works?

For documents that you want to file away, you just need to select the hole punch option when you print. These hole punched documents are printed in the same way, but before exiting the machine run through the hole punch unit and punched ready for collection from the printer.

The image below shows a Toshiba E-Studio 2510AC office printer with a 4 hole punch kit for an Inner Finisher.

Toshiba office printer with hole punch

Come and see exactly how it works

If you store documents in ring binders, or have other applications where you are manually hole punching documents then a hole punch unit is a big time saver for offices. We would love to show you personally what our machines can do, so would like to invite you to come and see us at our offices or at a local showroom.