Desks / Stands

Desks and stands for your office printers

Many of our office printers are floor standing so the price quoted includes a built-in desk that matches the device and ensures that it sits at a height suitable for people to use.

These built in desks look good and can be extremely convenient when you want to store paper and spare toners near your printer.

For our desktop models, some offices don’t have a spare desk to place their new printer, so adding additional paper trays or a desk can offer the same functionality.

01 Toshiba e Studio 509CS

Floorstanding A4 printer

If you do not have a spare desk to situate your new printer, you have a couple of options and Toshiba’s e-Studio 509CS multifunctional desktop printer (pictured above) offers a very good example of this.

This desktop office printer includes a single 550 sheet cassette as standard and would normally be situated on a desk. As an alternative, you can add 4 additional cassettes (or trays) which increase the height to a suitable level or make use of an adjustable printer stand (pictured below).

If you have any questions about what desks and stand options are available for a specific model then please ask. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you have and can also show you our range of devices at our office or at a local showroom, so you can be sure your new printer meets all your requirements.

A4 office printer stand