Paper trays

Additional paper trays for your printer

Additional paper trays can be added to many of our A4 and A3 printers and multifunctional devices. These additional trays are added for convenience, if printing on multiple media types (letterhead or coloured paper), or to optimise high volume printing.

A detailed printer brochure will show the standard number of sheets your printer can hold. It will also show the maximum number of sheets it could hold if you selected all the available paper inputs.

The standard number of pages that an A4 printer can hold is between 250 and 500 sheets, whereas the standard number of pages an A3 photocopier holds is between 1000 and 2000 pages.

The image on the right shows a Ricoh IM C6500 with 3 paper trays, plus a 4,400 sheet large capacity tray (also known as a large capacity feeder).

Office printer with additional paper trays
03 Ricoh IM C6500 IM C8000

How it works?

Selecting the paper tray when printing is easy. Just select the option from your computer and your printer will select that tray when printing your document. You can even combine paper from individual trays as part of a larger document to create a booklet with different coloured cover pages, or print the first page onto letterhead and subsequent pages on plain paper.

Do you need a Large Capacity Feeder?

A Large Capacity Feeder (LCF) also known as a Large Capacity Tray (LCT) is a separate unit which connects to your office printer and will significantly increase it’s paper capacity. This option is not available on all models, but is fundamental for uninterrupted high volume printing.

Do you need additional paper trays for your printer?

Many offices and businesses stick to 2 trays, with A4 paper in one and A3 paper in the other, but if you find that your printing is often interrupted to replace paper or you have to get up each time to add your letterhead then an additional paper tray will be a significant time saver.

If you have any questions about what paper tray options are available then please ask. We include all this information within our quotations for new office printers, but our friendly team can also provide quotes to have additional trays added to an existing device.