Ricoh IM 2500- IM6000

Ricoh IM 2500- IM6000

High-quality printing, efficient digital storage, professional finishing, low noise, and robust security features.

About this product

The Ricoh IM 2500-IM6000 series A3 office multifunctional printer is an excellent choice for businesses seeking high-quality printing with advanced digital capabilities. Offering superb print quality at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, it ensures professional-looking documents. This printer stands out for its ability to directly scan documents to online storage apps or networks, streamlining the digitalisation process and enhancing productivity.

It consistently delivers a professional print finish, allowing businesses to access a suite of tools for high-quality document finishing in-house, reducing the need to outsource. Additionally, the low noise levels of the Ricoh IM 2500-IM6000 make it suitable for quiet office environments, minimizing disruptions.

One of the key strengths of this printer is its multi-layered security features, which ensure risk-proof digital document management, an essential factor for businesses handling sensitive information. Overall, the combination of excellent print quality, convenient digital storage options, professional finishing capabilities, and robust security make the Ricoh IM 2500-IM6000 a top-tier multifunctional printer for any business prioritising quality, efficiency, and security.


  • Fast and convenient digital storage
  • Scan documents directly to your preferred online storage app or network as you go
  • Integrate seamlessly with any new technology you bring onboard
  • With Ricoh’s Always Current Technology, your employees can download upgrades to any device they use so their tools are always current
  • A professional print finish every time
  • Access a suite of tools to give your documents that professional print finish and wrap without having to outsource
  • Technology and security simply built in
  • Our multi-layered security features make digital document management risk proof

For additional details, images and product specifications download a pdf brochure for the Ricoh IM 2500-IM6000 series multifunctional printer. This brochure includes information on the Ricoh IM 2500, Ricoh IM 3000, Ricoh IM 3500, Ricoh IM 4000, Ricoh IM 5000 and Ricoh IM 6000.

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